Thank you!

It just made my day when Sam from Sugar and Sam nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award! I love her little corner of the web as well. Her delicious treats are simple but drool worthy, and she even manages to add a healthy twist to some of her desserts (hello, Chocolate Tofu Pudding, tofu never looked or tasted so good!). So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to check her out!

And then I felt so honored when Sandyha from Infused nominated me for the Creative Blogger award. I have never had much experience with cooking Indian dishes but that is going to chanbe, because she makes them look so simple and oh so delicious! I love the way she has brought that part of her Indian culture with her to the states and has shared that love of cooking with others.

creative blogger award
And Mel over at Meals with Mel is someone I’ve enjoyed getting to know in the blogging world and I’m sure we’d hit it off as great friends in the real world too! She is always whipping up something delicious in her Texas kitchen! I was flattered when she nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Award.



1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (mention your nominator in your own award post with a link back to their original award post, which would be this one).
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate other bloggers and comment on their blogs (usually on their about page or contact directly if necessary) to let them know.

Seven things about me:

1. I’m the second oldest of 10 siblings. Yes, my mother is a saint.

2. With so many kids, it’s not a surprise that I was actually pregnant the same time as my mom (and it wasn’t a teen pregnancy, I had been married for 3 years ;). My oldest daughter has an aunt 3 months younger than her.

3. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education 6 days before giving birth to my oldest daughter. I never did go to work as a teacher, but have used that degree as I’ve raised my four kids (meaning, I know what I should be doing, but the majority of the time I don’t do it- ha!)

4. We’ve been living in New Zealand for the past 2 years and are leaving to move back to Arizona in a few short weeks. Such bitter sweet emotions!

5. My dream job would be as a photographer for the National Geographic

6.I was only 18 when I got married, but had a year of college under my belt, which made me so much more mature- ha!

7. I ran track and cross country in high school and still enjoy running but wish I had the same endurance I did back then!

My Nominations: I know I always love finding new blogs, so I hope you take a moment to check these out!

1. Six Little Chefs– My sister who has always been the better cook in the family 🙂

2. Food Scientist Bakery– I think I’ve pinned almost all of her recipes!

3. Mermaid’s Tresses– I love that she started her blog as a way to pass along family recipes to her daughter as well. We share that in common, along with our love of delicious food!

4. Crunchy Salty Sweet– her peanut butter pretzel sandwiches are my new favorite treat

5. Lili’s Cakes– cake, cake and more cake! What’s not to love!

6. Love Life Eat– she takes such beautiful pictures and I enjoy her insights on life

7. Ginger and Bread– this girl is the queen of baking! And I love the way she infuses her German culture into her baking as well.

8. Sarah’s Kitchen– A young student studying in Belgium who loves cooking on the side. First, I would love to visit Belgium. Second, when I was in college the only thing I could make was frozen pizza!

9. Neni’s Kitchen– she is traveled and I love the recipes she shares from different parts of the world. She is also amazing at creating recipes on her own!

10. Redbird Recipes– I love that she is a born and bred Texan girl, who along with baking beautiful food she loves to go hunting!


10 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Lili says:

    Congratulations again Jamie!!! You have a lovely blog and I look forward to seeing more recipes, and also following up some links for other baking blogs you’ve posted here! 🙂 Thank you! Oh, and good luck with the move!

    Liked by 1 person

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